Woman wearing VR headset

Video games have evolved significantly since they first appeared decades ago. Multiple platforms have been developed for this type of entertainment, including computers, consoles, and arcade games. The last on the list have been particularly successful in the later 1970s and early 1980s to be forgotten starting with the beginning of the 90s. These days, the new rage in terms of video gaming is represented by virtual reality gaming. Even though VR gaming has been around for many years, just recently have such games become commercially successful and affordable to consumers. Here are the main topics about video games presented on this website:

  • Main gaming platforms you can choose from
  • PC gaming versus console gaming
  • 10 things you need to know about virtual reality gaming
  • A short history of arcade video games
  • Top virtual reality video games
  • Successful VR games
  • Hidden threats of virtual reality gaming
  • Virtual reality companies of the moment
  • A look at the history of virtual reality and VR gaming
  • Questions to help you choose the right gaming platform

Curious about more? Discover some more interesting information from the article published on this website:

  • Which is the most popular gaming platform
  • What are the advantages of computer gaming over console gaming
  • What kind of equipment is needed for virtual reality gaming
  • How you can play VR games without wearing a headset
  • What virtual reality gaming consoles have been launched
  • What are the hidden prices of VR gaming
  • What companies have virtual reality departments
  • What caused the popularity of arcade video games to decline
  • Who introduced the first arcade game
  • What happened during the renaissance era of arcade games
  • How arcade games have become a niche market
  • In what countries arcade games are still very popular
  • What is the most successful arcade video game ever
  • What virtual reality games have been launched in 2016
  • How VR guardians prevent you from running into a wall or into other people in the room
  • What kind of device is being used to ensure safety on virtual reality treadmills
  • What are the latest virtual reality technologies
  • Why virtual reality gaming is causing motion sickness and how the issue can be solved
  • What are the most successful companies developing virtual reality gaming equipment and products
  • How virtual reality started and how it has evolved over the years
  • The virtual reality gaming consoles of the 1990s
  • How Matrix contributed to the popularization of virtual reality
  • What aspects can help you choose the right gaming platform for you, such as gaming habits, budget, technical knowledge, the games you like to play, other pastime activities, and preferring to play alone or in multiplayer.

Considering all the topics we have chosen for this website, the history of video games is truly fascinating! You will be surprised to find out that virtual reality is not such a new concept, and you will discover a variety of gaming platforms with both their advantages and disadvantages. You will become acquainted with the latest virtual reality developments and products and get to understand better this industry. In the end, you may also discover some new titles to play in your leisure time. We hope you’ll enjoy your time here!