Toms: Virtual Demo

Toms, a popular shoe company, is known for donating a pair of shoes to a child in need every time a customer buys their own pair. Well, this charity developer found a new way to inspire his customers to give – wearing VR headsets.

Tom’s Virtual Giving Trip is narrated by Blake Mycoskie, Toms’ founder and chief shoe salesman, and one of his colleagues. The VR experience, which details the history of Tom’s founding, takes viewers through Peru on an outing where Blake’s shoe team visits a elementary school that is getting the shoes it needs for the first time.

What Tom’s VR campaign is doing so well is something group-run organizations around the world are grappling with: Show donors exactly where their money is going. Even without the VR headset, the video below gives you an experience intimate enough to put Tom’s on your list for your next shoe purchase.

DP World: Caucedo Facilities Tour

DP World is a global trading company that helps companies transport goods around the world. But when a company opens new terminals, they need a way to show their clients what DP World property has to offer.

DP World recently opened a caucedo factory in the Dominican Republic is just one of several DP World properties that use VR to promote their large and often mysterious ships and land masses when they suddenly appear in the community.

Is commercial logistics a sexy business? Not for everyone. But that’s exactly why a 360-degree trip to the DP World terminal is so valuable here. Show people how effective, safe and essential these features are for certain businesses – without getting them to put on a helmet and walk through the port itself – and you can get massive community support.

TopShop: Catwalk VR Experience

Just because you couldn’t attend the TopShop fashion show at London Fashion Week doesn’t mean you can’t be there. TopShop, a women’s fashion retailer, partnered with the growing technology agency Inition to provide customers with a “virtual” venue for a fashion show using VR headsets connected to the event during it.

The groundbreaking campaign lifted viewers right next to the fashion runway and the celebrity venues that took part in it. Make sure your brand is inclusive.

VR’s marketing navigation

When you read this, you might think, “Why would a marketer like me learn about expensive VR campaigns?”Well, while VR can be too expensive for many. marketing budgets, it is increasingly abundant in society as it grows, we see a handful of brands taking advantage of it for product marketing and virtual storytelling. While you may not be able to create a VR-based campaign, you can collect great takeaways related to marketing innovations, content marketing, or visual storytelling that can give you other ideas on how to better interact with your digital audience.