Virtual reality

Event games

The virtual reality experience can be shared endlessly with guests or participants through events, but one of the most universal ways to experience virtual reality is gameplay.

Video games have long since gained a reputation for isolation, but with a focus on multiplayer-style games, over the years there have been many success stories of games that bring the masses together, this can be seen especially with the rise of current battle royal style games such as Fortnive and Apex Legends.

Virtual reality games have captured the demands of traditional video games over the years, and the demand for an immersive multiplayer experience has led to a range of VR multiplayer experiences suitable for all ages, tastes and game skills that can be incorporated into any team-building activity or event.

So many multiplayer virtual reality experiences released and set to launch here is a breakdown of the top 19 multiplayer virtual reality games for events.

Beat Saber VR was a game that took 2018 by storm and now needs a multiplayer update in 2019. Beat Saber’s claim to fame was described by many as a virtual reality “dance dance revolution.” Beat Saber gave a hands-on experience of cutting and cutting beats when they appeared on the big screen much like Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero, except in a brand new fully immersive virtual reality format. The game is also compatible with the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive/Steam, PlayStation VR.


A visual and audible attractive activity, players can quickly learn how to hit incoming items with virtual lightsabers. Through virtual reality headsets, they immerse themselves in the world of rhythm and light.

Beat Saber VR was one of the first virtual reality games and experiences to make the waves of the consumer market so accessible and entertaining for so many players, as well as great group action at events. This is arguably one of the most family-friendly virtual reality experiences that make it one of the best choices for events such as family events, school fundraisers and other family or child events.

Cloudland VR Mini Golf

Cloudland’s VR Mini Golf takes the beloved pastime of putt-putt mini golf and gives it a modern edge perfect for those who love great golf or those looking for an exciting twist on the sport.

You don’t have to drive a group to a golf course, rent equipment or rent a place, just set up a virtual reality station for the event, and participants are immediately transported to the fickle world of Cloudland’s Mini Golf.

One of the biggest multiplayer virtual reality launches in recent years has been Minecraft VR, as it allows not only two players but four players to experience the game at once. Something that many virtual reality games haven’t achieved yet.

Minecraft has been a beloved game for many since it first debuted in the gaming world in 2009. Now there’s a way to experience minecraft’s bizarre blocking world that’s never been done before. In the first person, completely immersive virtual reality. Minecraft VR is available on the Oculus Rift platform and is another great game for family-friendly or child-friendly events.